A lack of cohesion

In the midst of the Democratic Primary campaign, it’s impossible to ignore what’s happening right now. The establishment’s ability to persuade voters that Joe Biden, despite his inability to articulate what he stands for, is their candidate was demonstrated by the results of this past super Tuesday and South Carolina. Furthermore, because the general public, particularly those over 45, are so misinformed or concerned about the media’s depiction of Bernie Sanders as a socialist, voter turnout favoured the status quo. Sanders’ campaign suffered when a large number of young adults failed to cast a ballot. The Sanders delegates have been swayed by the double standard of many of our young adults.

When we compare the number of Sanders rallies to the number of Biden rallies, we can see that Sanders has a significant advantage. The Sanders campaign has been boosted by the enthusiasm of those crowds. The turnout on Super Tuesday, on the other hand, failed to propel Bernie Sanders to the top of the polls. The fact that so many young people didn’t bother to vote is a major cause for concern. They could be attending schools in other states, where more than half of their students are registered. After talking to a few students who are registered to vote in one state and are attending college elsewhere, there are a few things that are so upsetting about it. Young adults continue to be misinformed, lacking in political knowledge, believing that their vote does not matter. That may be true in some respects. Contrary to popular belief, every vote does matter.
Many younger people, as well as many registered voters, remain committed to maintaining the status quo. That’s what they’ve always believed about Senator Sanders, and they’re sticking by it. That’s incorrect. Each developed country has incorporated both capitalism and socialism into its economy. One of these industrialised countries is the United States. Especially among college students and young adults, many members of the electorate have grown accustomed to the status quo of their daily lives. Sen. Sanders, they believe, is the man who will shake things up for the better. As opposed to what many believe, his proposed policies and reforms would actually benefit society as a whole rather than harm it.

As a result, Joe Biden’s resurgence on Super Tuesday was the result of the DNC’s Establishment supporting the status-quo candidate. With the endorsement of Biden, Bloomberg is now funnelling millions of dollars to ensure that Bernie Sanders is not included in the race. On top of that, many of the younger voters who did not participate in the primaries have misunderstandings about Sanders’ brand of Socialism. And because so many students who are eligible to vote attend school in states other than their registered home, it’s extremely difficult for them to exercise their right to vote.

The Sanders campaign needs to go on national television and do what Ross Perot did in 1992 in order to resuscitate it. In the same way that Ross Perot did, Senator Sanders should inform the American people about the merits of his platform and the means by which he intends to fund initiatives such as free college tuition, universal health care, the restoration of Social Security, and, more broadly, the benefits that the National Economic Reform Act’s Ten Articles of Confederation would bring to both the United States and the rest of the world More people will be educated about the merits of reform and how socialism can coexist with capitalism as a result of this method of communication.