All throughout the world, distance education is breaking down barriers.

For a large number of people, distance education is the best alternative for completing a college degree. More and more people are turning to online education and other forms of remote learning since opportunities are more easily reached by persons who have finished more advanced degrees. This is something that people from all over the world undertake in order to take advantage of the educational opportunities and improved professional prospects that this provides later in life.

Students have long taken advantage of long-distance education. Today, it attracts a wide range of people from all walks of life who are interested in enhancing their job possibilities with a degree.
Military personnel on long-distance deployments and stay-at-home moms with young children can all benefit from distance education. Long-term employability skills can be gained through degrees in everything from corporate management and accountancy to medical transcribing and private investigation, all of which can be pursued online.

Students in such a programme have the option of receiving learning materials in the mail instead of attending classes at a physical location. Students can learn the material for the course through modules like CD-ROMs or VHS lectures. Some distance education programmes include modules that can be accessed via the Internet for online lessons. Students can study at their convenience from any location. Hybrid classrooms are possible in some online programmes, wherein some students attend real-time classroom sessions and engage online; other students can still attend the class from the comfort of their own home.