Arrogance is the subject of this song!

Humans are known for their arrogance, which is one of their most defining characteristics. Every word, act, posture, and gait displayed by the inflicted can be easily discerned or felt by us. The arrogance of the head of the household is as old as humanity itself, and we see it everywhere: at home, where it has been a trademark of the ruling class hierarchy for centuries; at work, where the boss’s arrogance permeates down the line in various sycophantic roles; at school, where the most learned often display the most arrogance apart from the others in various emphatic roles; Since it would be impossible to discuss it in such great detail without avoiding generalisations, we won’t even try.
‘Arrogance’ has a wide range of synonyms, as expected. We’ll use a few examples to make our discussion clearer. Sneering, mocking, and being big-headed are all examples of arrogance and condescension, respectively. The following are some characteristics of arrogance that can be gleaned from this list:

People should follow the ideology or ideals they adhere to unquestioningly. They’re encyclopaedias of knowledge, as well as scholars, philosophers, and writers of the highest calibre.
Unless someone can vouch to the contrary, whatever they do or say or imply is always correct.
• The most discrete standards, such as what people eat, wear, and adhere to, are the ones that no one should ever question. • Dissent, which you think is a hallmark of a democracy, is completely ignored by them, and anyone who dares to challenge their authority is branded a traitor, criminal, or unfaithful. If they are forced by circumstances to respond to daringly democratic voices with the appropriate response, they are extremely capable of making fun of others-that they possess an indomitable appetite to go on mocking others with an omnipresent all-knowing grin.

As previously mentioned, arrogant individuals can be found in virtually any profession. Even if they cause us only minor inconveniences, they can have such a profound impact on our lives that our plans for the future are jeopardised or even ruined. This can only lead to disaster if arrogance is allowed to take hold in state administration or governance at the macro level. Arrogance in the form of ‘bulldozing public opinion or protests or democratic traditions or basic principles of humanity’ has occurred in many countries around the world. When the tried-and-true divide and rule strategy is used, especially during elections, unprecedented displays, preaching, and propagation of hate lead to racist and communal violence, mob rage, lynchings, and riots, all of which result in the tragic loss of innocent lives that are both unnecessary, and eminently preventable.

Why, then, is it necessary to write an ode to such a deserving subject? There are still a few people like this writer who have democratic sentiments in their hearts, and so we still strive to honour the spirit of democracy. To make matters worse, many people tend to support or vote in favour of the unfortunate phenomenon known as “governance with arrogance,” which can be found in a number of countries around the world. These large groups frequently constitute the overwhelming majority in the countries where they reside. How could we possibly ignore such overwhelming democratic spontaneity in a democracy?

The situation changes dramatically if the majority fails miserably to distinguish between the “right” and the “wrong” options. Furthermore, using the ‘an ode’ prefix is entirely justified.