Consider Yourself A Leader In Your Field?

If you don’t step up and step in now, who will?

Businesses, cities, and countries around the world have come to a complete halt. We wouldn’t have predicted the current state of the world had we rewinded to the end of December. It’s because of COVID-19, an undetectable predator.

No matter what level of government or business you’re in, you’re in uncharted territory. “How shall we govern our nation today?” is a question that top government officials frequently ask themselves. In order to protect, educate, and feed our families, what do we need to do? Businesses are concerned about how they will survive in the absence of customers.

People look to their leaders in times of crisis for direction and leadership, to set an example, to inspire, and to provide hope.

Where does one turn for support and guidance if there is no clear message from the top down?

You ARE a leader, whether you’re a CEO, a small business owner, a parent, a manager, a teacher, or an employee. The real question is, will you rely on the advice of others or take action on your own initiative? Possibly you’re waiting and seeing? I admire those who seek out other viewpoints, but opinions are just another form of information.

Getting sucked into the herd mentality is a piece of cake. I advise you to stop following the herd. The time has finally come for you to become a thought leader, whether you’re in a position of leadership or are the owner of a small business.
The term “thought leader” refers to a person who inspires others by sharing their knowledge and experiences.

You’re asking for trouble if you’re looking for someone else to tell you how to run your company. There is no one better qualified to advise you on your company’s strategy and operations than you, your clients, your employees, and the rest of your industry.

Make the most of what you know about your company and industry by utilising the information you have access to.

Many people wonder if they have anything to contribute to the conversation when it comes to thought leadership. Many people are afraid to speak their minds for fear of what others will think of their ideas and thoughts. To that, I’d like to say, “Get out of your own way, and start sharing”

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you want to establish yourself as a thought leader in your field.

Observe the world around you objectively by reading or watching the news.

Take a look at what’s going on around the world, in your state, and not just in your neighbourhood by listening or reading about it. Observing how others behave can often give you hints about what’s going to happen in your own country. Think about how this information will affect your business, your family, and your community. In what ways does this information work in your favour and in your favour?

Think of your customers.

You must put your customers first as a business owner. Ask yourself, what can I do for my clients that will make them happy? What is it that they need right now? What’s going on in their industry, and how can you adapt to meet their immediate needs, are two questions you should ask yourself.

It could be as simple as lending a sympathetic ear to those in need.

Show that you care.

Direct selling isn’t necessary right now. It’s best to tone down the aggressive pitching unless you’re selling a product that people actually want or need. Astonishingly, a large number of travel companies are still contacting me with offers for luxury resorts and destinations.

No, I’m not suggesting that you stop all marketing efforts; the heavens don’t permit such a thing. Simply reevaluate what you’re putting out into the world from the perspective of your clients and with empathy.

Even though being a thought leader is something new for you, I have full confidence in your abilities. As a person, you have valuable thoughts and ideas. The only way you’ll find out is if you express your thoughts verbally or in writing.

Now exhale slowly. You can have a second one if you like. Now step up and step into your leadership role.