Critical thinking: Is the collective unconscious a threat to humanity’s existence?

When something is pushed out of someone’s conscious awareness, it can appear as if it’s gone. This could take only a few minutes or it could take a few days or even weeks or months.

This means that at some point in the future, something will be here and then it will be gone. It’s important to remember that just because their conscious mind has lost track of something doesn’t necessarily imply that they have lost touch with that thing entirely.

In Two Parts

Their subconscious mind/body is where it will be found, and it will have an impact on their life from here. However, this does not mean that it will immediately have an impact on their life, as it could take some time to exert its influence.

In the event that it has an impact on their life, they may be unable to connect the dots. It can appear to be completely unrelated due to how much time has passed and what actually happens.
Taking a Step Backwards

Why would someone believe that something they push out of their conscious mind has any effect on their life if they believe that it has vanished? Furthermore, they are able to see themselves as merely observers of their surroundings.

Since they’ve lost touch with reality, their experiences will be shaped by what they’ve chosen to ignore. This could lead them to believe that they are “unlucky” if their “lost connection” causes them to have an unpleasant experience.


In the long run, they may begin to believe that someone or something “out there” is trying to harm them and make their lives a living hell. If they don’t get to the root of the problem, they’re likely to keep seeing the same results.

It could be said that they will not only be unaware of how their inner world affects their outer world, but they will also lack self-awareness. This is based on an outside perspective. In the end, they’ll just be a product of their environment.

The World of Today

During their time in school, it is unlikely that they were taught about the impact of their inner world on their outer world or given the guidance they needed to better understand themselves. ‘ A world dominated by the outside world awaits them after this.

Because of this, they have no choice but to live their lives this way. A lot of people will have similar experiences, and they’ll be victimised by the parts of themselves they’ve pushed into their unconscious mind/body, which they’ve pushed into their conscious mind.

A Continuum of Events

There’s a good chance that someone who has been doing this their entire life has a lot of baggage. In addition to being stored in their subconscious minds, this “baggage” will be fed into the collective unconscious as well.

This collective field will also be influenced by the baggage that every other human being carries in their subconscious mind. This is something that can’t be seen with the naked eye, but it exists nonetheless.

An Integrated approach

As a result, the baggage that is held in the collective unconscious will have an impact on countries and the planet as a whole, just like the baggage that is held in an individual’s unconscious. Many people’s innermost thoughts and feelings will be the primary source of what is manifested externally.

It will be viewed as something that has happened to humanity rather than something that has been created by humanity as a whole. A large portion of the population may become frightened and/or powerless as a result of what has happened,

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