Disorder Of The Deceitful Few

Some tens of thousands of years ago, the Greeks issued a warning about the importance of wiser instigations to improve civilization. However, this is just one example, as there have been many others that have gone unnoticed because of the greed, corruption, and selfishness of those in power. There are a large number of people who support the negative viewpoint. In a recent article published in a major newspaper on the west coast of the United States, an author argues that a culture that is “victimised” and ultimately destroyed is regressive. Another person has dubbed this time period the “circus,” a reference to a civilization’s impending demise.

Unfortunately, it appears that many people would rather be abused, pitied, and spoiled than to mature, grow, and learn. Weakness in any area of social interactivity, regardless of the context, is detrimental to self-evolution. When “political correctness” or other illicit attempts at “level playing fields” are enforced through intolerance for tolerance, it contributes to the breakdown of society. Disciplined determination to free oneself is often met with pretentious sentimentalism and maladaptive confrontations. This hastens the end of the world.

As individuals progress from self-reliance to greater levels of self-reliance, they are less likely to set lofty goals for themselves such as enlightened transformation. More and more sources of information are appearing to be “dumbed down” to the lowest common denominator, making it harder and harder for people to distinguish between good and bad information. A false sense of “victimhood” of pretended helplessness is more often the norm in most interactions. Many people in today’s American culture have been referred to as sissies by a writer. Personal enrichment is sought by many people, including the wealthy few, who are pampered, spoiled, and irresponsible.
While criticising post-modern society, a number of writers have wondered whether or not the majority of Americans have allowed the country to become a nation of wimps, crybabies, and weaklings because of apathy and general consensus. However, while some of these accusations have to do with physical appearance, they are more concerned with a person’s ability to act like a mature adult. Researchers have suggested that intellectual and moral capacity is deteriorating.

The emotional reactivity or exceptional sensitivity to any perceived slight, insult, or lack of sufficient recognition for needy validation is an indication, or at least an implication, that this is the case. Taking a “selfie” right after a perceived “insult” is a sign of a person’s overly sensitive immaturity. Juvenile antics devolve into a state of abject reactivity rather than pursuing the moral high ground of differentiated self-reliance. This is largely due to the fact that people are making deliberately unhelpful decisions in order to satisfy ever-increasing levels of selfishness. An ever-increasing number of people want more emotional support from others in order to feed their egos.

There are more “children” in adult bodies than ever before, according to some who study social processes and social deterioration. Because of this, they need more attention from someone to satiate their desire for attention. Due to the intentional persistence of biases, prejudices, and various animosities, regardless of socioeconomic or political placement, many are easily deceived and thus potentially harm others.. Negative social aspects of a lack of serious creativity are becoming more and more commonplace. Attention is more prized than innovation.

Furthermore, adult behaviour that mimics that of children is becoming increasingly degrading, with hate speech masquerading as “social justice” and intolerance for dissenting viewpoints manifested through vicious physical attacks. As a result, rational explanations of cause and effect can be ignored when you are insulated from the reality of the real world. Facts will be overridden by emotions. Personal bias is replaced by subjective validation, and the resulting stagnation of thought degrades meaningful commentary, while gross fallacies of inference foment hideous hastily drawn conclusions. On top of that, there’s the never-ending herd mentality that makes sweeping generalisations based on little or no evidence.

The enlightened discourse’s evolving essence is problematic because most people are selfishly fixated on their own self-righteous superficiality. It’s not uncommon for people to choose to conduct in-depth research rather than rely on emotional self-validation in order to prove the viability of an issue at hand. According to the mythology of the “American Dream,” the human species will be destroyed by overconsumption and the exploitation of the world’s natural resources. The fact that these scams are still being perpetrated shows the depravity of a select few.