Federal Pell Grants – Non-Repayable Education Grants

There are a variety of grant programmes available to students to assist with the expense of their higher education, including the Federal Pell Grant. This is money that students can use to assist pay for their educational expenses, and they don’t have to repay it at all.

The US Department of Education provides the Pell Grant, which is not returned. Filling out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the best way to find out if you qualify for financial aid (FASFA).

How much money can you expect?
Through the year 2010, the maximum Pell Grant award is just about $5,000. Tuition and other college expenditures, such as textbooks and supplies, can be covered with the funds. Since this grant is based on financial need, the majority of recipients come from lower-income families making less than $41,000 per year.

Even if your family’s annual income exceeds $41,000, you may still be eligible for an education grant. Numerous more educational grant programmes are offered by the government and private organisations, charities, and philanthropists in addition to the Federal Pell Grant.

You can quickly find a grant that meets your needs and income level by searching the grant database. Women and minority students, for example, may not even have to worry about their income to qualify for some awards. You can find the money you need by browsing the database below and then submitting your request for approval.