How do you get your inspiration and drive?

To put it another way, a negative motivator is any influence that causes us to take action based on fear or dislike of an outcome. Our inaction, or failure to fulfil our obligations, may be motivated by a fear of what might happen if we don’t do what we’re supposed to do.

A positive motivator is one that has a positive image, emotion, or effect in our minds or habit natures.

In other words, these are the kinds of interactions we know will improve our lives in some way or another when they are successfully completed. They may even improve our current circumstances, have a wonderful impact on them, or even move us forward.

A better harmony and peace can be achieved in any environment where we are engaged in productive endeavours if these positive motivators are heeded and implemented.

Understand What Makes A Difference

Our ability to make a choice is the most important distinction between the two types of motivators.
For example, a loss, being disciplined or receiving criticism can cause us to have negative experiences that manifest from specific actions like being reprimanded. The negative consequences of our actions become negative motivators because we mentally and emotionally link them to the negative connotations.

We may have even enjoyed certain actions or endeavours, but after receiving criticism or a reprimand, we lose our enthusiasm or joy for them and begin to label them as negative. This can happen even if the uninformed mocked or reprimanded us for our actions.

When we have strong positive motivators on our side, we can rise above the common pessimism and look to the benefits and abundance that come from completing a task with enthusiasm, even when the world around us is filled with negativity.

Our own personal approach to a specific action: our energy, our enthusiasm, our thoughts and feelings… OUR ATTITUDE; will determine the key differences between how the two opposing motivators will influence and affect us in the future.

Everything we do, every action we take, and every thought we allow into our minds has the potential to either move us closer to our goals or further away from them!

Making the Most of Your Possibilities

Wallace D. Wattles, in his book The Science of Getting Rich, explains the concepts of “Efficient Action” and “Acting in the Certain Way,” which help us see that everything we do has a purpose and a potential, and that we can only progress out of our current situation if we complete everything we do in the right way.

As a result, we may find ourselves in conflict with our current paradigm as a result of this prospect. As a result, if we begin to internalise our focus on the present moment and the future, aligned with the potential we have within us, the influences of others or feared outcomes have no bearing on our applications or responsibility.

What Decisions Have You Taken?

As a result, we experience an emotional and mental evolution that perpetuates like effects and results as we re-assess every action as one that will help us grow! We have the ability to reject what we don’t want and focus on what we do want because of the ongoing perpetuation of the good!

Our freedom of choice will ultimately determine the class of future exchanges, as we gain a better understanding of our specific motivators. Our ability to make our own decisions is a wonderful gift that we receive at birth, but we also give it up far too easily.