Is this the second coming of the Black Death?

It is widely assumed that the current health crisis, this Coronavirus, has a lot in common with the Black Death of the 12th and 13th centuries. Personal hygiene and sanitation were nonexistent in the early Middle Ages, and the close quarters of people in cities like London and Paris contributed to the Black Death’s lethality.

The striking resemblance between Coronavirus and the Black Death cannot be ignored. Rats and the fleas they attracted were the primary source of the Black Death. Insects and disease-carrying germs have been found in animals for a long time. One of history’s deadliest pandemics, the 13th century plague killed more than 200 million people worldwide.
A similar danger to humanity exists today. As with the Black Death, both this Coronavirus and the virus that caused it are highly contagious, both infect the immune system, and both target the respiratory organs. Although personal hygiene is more health conscious today than it was in the Middle Ages, sanitation has been implemented in all developed countries, including China. Unfortunately, millions of people are still forced to coexist in close quarters. The mobility of people in the 13th century was also evident. The virus is a major public health concern because of the increased mobility of people today.
The old adage, “You were born with a silver spoon in your mouth,” is still relevant today. Plague-resistant nobility in the 13th century had access to real silverware and frequently ate from silver plates, which helped keep them safe. As a result, they were able to avoid densely populated areas of cities and towns. They also had access to slightly more advanced sanitation practises.
Media and health professionals today fail to inform us that silver was effective in mediaeval times. So, colloidal silver in small doses can help the immune system and protect many from this new virus.. It is also possible to use other natural remedies to help prevent infection and keep it at bay. Medical professionals, on the other hand, keep the public in the dark about what we can do to protect ourselves without the so-called medical and pharmaceutical industry telling us what works.

It is possible to reduce our exposure to this new health hazard in many parts of our country. Unfortunately, the media hype has scared the public in many ways. Instead of educating the general public on how to avoid infection, this policy instructs people on how to avoid contact with an infected person in the first place. The media has a long history of failing to educate the public on how to avoid contracting the flu or even a cold, which can be especially dangerous for the elderly and those with pre-existing health conditions.

To keep infected people and those who have come into contact with them apart, quarantines are an effective measure, but the virus still spreads. Waiting for a vaccine that costs a lot of money is not acceptable. As a society, we need to be made aware of the various ways we can avoid contracting the disease. Colloidal Silver and natural herbs like Bupleurum Chinese can help if we are infected. There are natural antibodies in this plant that protect against the effects of both pneumonia and the Coronavirus. It is in this way that our society can handle this latest health crisis.