It’s not only about computers when it comes to educational technology.

As a discipline, technology focuses on producing and utilising technological ways, such as tools and crafts, to interact with the world around us. Using natural resources to create simple tools, technology has had a profound impact on human society and the natural world. It has primarily:

· Contributed to the growth of more advanced economies

Allowed a growing middle class to enjoy themselves

The development of today’s global economy was aided by

There are ongoing philosophical arguments on the present and future uses of technology, mainly around whether technology enhances or worsens the human condition.

A good illustration of this is computer technology. Personal finances, communication, corporate management, and even the way our children are educated have all been transformed by computers. While technology has the potential to provide many benefits to education, we must be careful not to make the all-too-common mistake of referring to educational technology as if it were computer technology. We should not overlook the use of other forms of technology in teaching.

When it comes to education and technology, educational technology, or learning technology, is the study and practise of educating and improving one’s abilities by use of appropriate technology. As long as you’re using a GPS device or an instructive movie or even a metal detector, educational technology allows for an incredible degree of involvement. ” Allows for dynamic demonstrations, simulations, and models that can be used to test and investigate theories.

With the help of technological aids in schooling,

o Demonstrate to kids how technology has progressed in recent years.

2 Improve the quality of educational presentations and lectures

To foster an environment in which students are encouraged to take ownership of their own learning, …

o Boost enthusiasm and interest