It’s still going on! Politicians fiddle as their peers doze off. Climate Change and the New World Order: How Confident Are We?

So much money has been squandered in the Brexit discussion that it is now criminal negligence of Parliament’s fiduciary obligation to their tax-paying constituents.

In the end, they can only offer advise in an undemocratic manner, which goes against their mission, because of the countless hours the Lords have spent debating this matter. Oh! If only those guys could see what a travesty it was that their contemporaries had introduced free elementary school to the common people in 1870, and that they then had the nerve to add free secondary school in 1944! That must be a heavy load for us educated people!

Our money is being squandered on a debate in which a result was reached, one that contradicts democracy and the other that is simply advisory. To make matters worse, a vote in the House of Commons came than the same conclusion, overriding the government manifesto’s insistence that no deal is preferable to a bad deal. Their conclusions are irrelevant in any case. Due to the fact that we had already departed, we didn’t have to do anything in order to return on October 31st. These two lavish debate chambers, despite the huge quantities of money spent fighting EU elections, are not worthy of such a prominent chamber but are fit for its inhabitants.

I’ve recently written a lot about 5G and the New World Order.

I’m afraid we’re stumbling into disaster blindly, despite the fact that the warning signs are all right in front of us. It’s not hard to perceive that the gods are enraged, in a biblical sense, after experiencing my fourth significant earthquake 7.1 in a year. Encourage your overlords to handle the population issue compassionately rather than with Ebola if you’re planning an extermination uprising. As long as you don’t live in Patagonia and run a ranch, you’re going to get Ebola.

Let me quickly touch on the topic of technology. In past articles, I talked a lot about 5G and 96mhz millimetre waves. However, there are other children in the neighbourhood.

A new era of improvement, comfort, and medical advancement is ushering in thanks to technological advances. For all we know it might be able to manipulate the weather or implant thoughts directly into a person’s brain via inaudible waves. A tin foil hat clam is what I’m expecting to see in the comments section below. This is not a theory, but rather a real-world practise that is in use today. HAARP, or Sura in Russia, is the name given to this technique.

What is the HAARP?

AKA: High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program; abbreviation for Arecibo, Puerto Rico; Fairbanks, Alaska; and north of Gakona, Alaska, are the three locations where the project began in 1993. Both Russia and the European Union have similar facilities in Vasilsursk and Tromso, Norway. One hundred and eighty 70ft (21 m) tall antennas linked together to form one antenna. In comparison, the largest allowed transmission is only 50,000 Watts, omitting 3.6 million Watts of Energy. They have the ability to disable missiles and satellites with this power. They are able to heat the ionosphere, causing droughts, monsoons, alterations in the jet stream, and earthquakes. This is more sinister. This weapon has the potential to damage a country’s ecology and destroy agriculture and water supplies. It also has the potential to start quakes when in the wrong hands. As if that wasn’t bad enough, they can even make a people impotent by implanting subliminal idea implants in their brains!

That’s Impossible, a History Channel miniseries that looked into futuristic technologies, concluded in one episode that, “Working in unison, these transmitters might theoretically influence the weather anyplace in the world,” causing major rainstorms or droughts to break out. A high-pressure dome that can deflect or alter hurricanes can be built by heating up the atmosphere and creating domes of high pressure.

Modern science and technology are a double-edged sword, providing incredible communication tools and life-saving equipment, but also terrifying killing machines and mind-control devices that can send thoughts directly into the heads of their victims via invisibly emitted radio waves. The idea of a tin foil hat may come to mind when you hear this claim, but it’s actually quite real. Because of the potential for abuse by the corrupt and power-hungry elite and politicians in possession of modern technology in the New World Order, it is sometimes viewed with scepticism. Chemtrails, HAARP, Eugenics, secret and immoral medical experiments and more are frequently cited as evidence of such abuses.. There have been a lot of headlines around the world recently on some of these themes that had previously been deemed conspiracy theories by most people.

The New World Order has come to pass and is now firmly in place. Three countries, the United States, Great Britain and Israel are its supporters. Before you become too excited, remember that we poor mortals are only here to serve.

“The Anglo-American world dominion has a new name: the New World Order. London, New York, and Washington, D.C., hold sway over the rest of the world. If you refer to it as the Anglo-American world empire, it’s difficult to encourage people to join or believe they have a role in it. If you call it the New World Order, then people in India or someplace like that, or the European Union, might think, well, there’s something in there for us too.” — Webster Griffin Tarpley, a renowned historian.