Johnny Depp trial – live: Amber Heard defamation case to resume today after week of shocking testimony

Watch live as testimony continues for Johnny Depp defamation case against Amber Heard

The trial for Johnny Depp’s defamation lawsuit against former wife, Amber Heard, is set to resume today after the third day of testimony in Virginia.

On Thursday (14 April), witness Gina Deuters, a friend of Depp, had her testimony struck from the record and was dismissed after admitting she had seen clips of the trial online. Instead video evidence from Dr David Kipper, who treated the actor for addiction, was played.

Earlier, recorded depositions were shown from Heard’s former assistant Kate James, and the couple’s marriage counsellor Dr Laurel Anderson who detailed their “mutual abuse”.

Depp claims a 2018 article about domestic violence towards women, written by Heard, implied he was an abuser during their relationship. Although she did not name him, lawyers claim her allegations have made it difficult for the actor to land movie roles.

He is asking for $50million (£38.2m) in damages during the trial in Fairfax County’s district courthouse. Heard has filed a counterclaim against Depp for nuisance.

Depp has previously lost a defamation case in the UK against The Sun newspaper over the same article by Heard.


Amber Heard’s personal assistant says she was paid ‘very poorly’

Katherine “Kate” James has addressed the extreme working conditions she allegedly endured as a former personal assistant to Amber Heard.

During Johnny Depp’s defamation trial against his ex-wife on Thursday (14 April), Heard’s personal assistant answered questions – in a pre-recorded video deposition completed in February – regarding her past employment with the film star, which she said lasted from 2012 to 2015.

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ICYMI – ‘The whole thing is insane’ says emotional friend in testimony

In the defamation case against Amber Heard brought by her ex-husband Johnny Depp, a former neighbour of the couple became emotional during extensive testimony about his friendship with the pair.

Isaac Baruch, who first met Depp as a teenager in Florida and became his longtime friend, lived in one of the five penthouse lofts at the Eastern Columbia Building in Downtown Los Angeles owned by the actor.

At one point on Wednesday, he was asked by Heard’s lawyer Elaine Bredehoft if he was angry with her client given all that unfolded as the couple broke up and allegations were made against Depp.

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Voices: From hardcore Johnny Depp fans with flowers to jurors’ inappropriate texts

ICYMI: Clémence Michallon reports from the courthouse in Virginia.

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Depp smirks as court hears he’s obsessed with Elon Musk

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Depp’s sister says family was ‘devastated’ with the marriage

Johnny Depp’s sister says Amber Heard called him “old and fat” and that the actor’s family was “devastated” at his marriage to her.

Christi Dembrowski made the claims as she took the stand as the first witness in the multi-million dollar defamation trial in Virginia, in which Depp claims that a 2018 article on domestic violence she wrote for The Washington Post implied he was an abuser.

She told the court that while she had seen Ms Heard “be nice” to her brother, she had also seen her “be not nice” and gave details of one such confrontation.

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ICYMI: Heard accuses Depp of sexual assault with liquor bottle

Explosive new allegations have been made by Amber Heard about her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, during the opening arguments of his $50m defamation trial.

Ms Heard’s attorney, Elaine Bredehoft, claimed that Mr Depp sexually assaulted Heard using a liquor bottle during a black-out drunk episode.

Mr Depp was visibly skeptical as Ms Bredehoft made the claims, and shook his head “no” after her comments.

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Opening statement: Amber Heard called compulsive liar by Depp team

The legal team representing Johnny Depp in the defamation case against his ex-wife Amber Heard has made their opening statements, with Mr Depp’s attorneys painting Ms Heard as a compulsive and chronic liar who used the allegations she made against the actor as a means to advance her own career.

They claimed she wanted to portray herself as a heroic survivor of abuse.

The attorneys also noted Mr Depp’s drug and alcohol use, but argued that a substance abuse problem does not prove that he ever hurt Ms Heard.

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Amber Heard supporter barred from court

Eve Barlow, Amber Heard’s friend and supporter, has been banned from the courtroom for the remainder of the trial.

She was asked to leave the courtroom in an order by Judge Penney Azcarate.


Opening statement: Johnny Depp is ‘out to destroy’ Amber Heard, lawyer says

Amber Heard‘s defence attorney claimed Johnny Depp would try to turn the defamation cause against his ex-wife into a “soap opera,” but warned that it was a distraction.

Ben Rottenborn, Heard’s lawyer, said the case was about her First Amendment rights to discuss her experiences, and argued that context matters and asked the jury to read the entire article she wrote for The Washington Post – which led to the lawsuit – and not just the parts highlighted by Depp.

He then read the article to the jury and asked why Depp did not sue The Washington Post as well as Heard, claiming he wanted to “ruin her life, to destroy her.”

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Depp’s sister reveals their abusive mother called him ‘one eye’

During her testimony, Christi Dembrowski told the court about the siblings’ early lives and growing up in Kentucky with an abusive mother described as “angry” and “high strung”.

She said her mother would hit them and their father, and called them names. She claimed her mother called Mr Depp “one-eye” because he wore an eyepatch to correct a lazy eye when he was a child.

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