Making Intangible Goods More Real

Selling non-tangible goods and services can seem like an uphill battle at first glance. There are a lot of them out there now, so it’s easier for people to understand the intangible.

Intangible goods and services include:

Websites, video games, and social media are all examples of digital content.
Anything that can be accessed via the internet, including downloadable eBooks, music, and movies, can now be considered an intangible.
When you apply for a patent or copyright, the government issues you a certificate, but it isn’t something you can keep.
You receive a certificate at the end of the course, but the product is not something you can hold in your hands.
Exhaustively Describe Them

Intangible goods and services are difficult to sell because people have a hard time believing that they are real and relevant. Many people are baffled by the idea that using images, music, and other intellectual property that they find on the internet is illegal. It’s a little more difficult, however, if you’re dealing with an intangible product or service.
Affirm That They’ll Be Satisfied

For your products and services to be purchased, you must build enough trust in your audience so that they are willing to make the transaction. You can do this by providing some kind of guarantee. Resolving any issues before purchasing can go a long way toward encouraging customers to make a purchase.

Focus on the Positives

It is important to focus on benefits rather than features in marketing. For intangible products, this is even more critical because the customer can’t actually touch or feel the product. Are you selling customer service as a virtual assistant, or are you selling your clients more time? What is the best way to communicate this to them?

Display Case Studies That Worked

Collect customer testimonials and use them on your sales page, in your marketing materials, and in one-on-one calls and events to help sell your product or service. The fact that other people have had success will help them overcome their apprehensions and encourage them to try.

The Color Green Has Replaced the Color Black.

An explanation of the environmental benefits of intangible products and services will help your customer better visualise what they’re getting. Because there is no longer a need to manufacture CDs and DVDs, the cost of selling software that can be downloaded is lower.

Get to know the Person in Charge

It makes a huge difference in your ability to close any sale if you know who holds the purse strings. Make sure that you only talk to the person who has the power to make a decision, so that you don’t waste your time talking to multiple people who can’t make a decision.

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