Sexual Health and Coronavirus

The pandemic of coronavirus (technically, COVID-19), which is causing major changes around the world, has been widely publicised by now. There is no way to predict where the pandemic will go at the time of this writing because the story is constantly changing. Clearly, coronavirus is a major health concern, raising the question of whether or not it poses any sexual health or specifically penis health concerns.

Generally speaking, the answer is yes. As far as we know, at least. (It is important to note that the information presented here is for educational purposes and should not substitute for the advice of qualified medical professionals, who should be consulted by anyone with questions about coronavirus.)

Infected droplets from one person’s mouth or nose to another are the most common way the current coronavirus is spread. If a contaminated person sneezes into the face of another, that person has a good chance of becoming infected as well. To be clear, neither the person who sneezes nor the person who has their face covered may be aware they have coronavirus in the two cases described above. Most of the time, it is asymptomatic, but it can still be transmitted to someone else who isn’t.)

The coronavirus may also be transmitted through direct contact with a contaminated surface. It’s possible for someone infected with the virus to infect a door handle with their germs; if they then touch their hand to their face, they could spread the virus to themselves. On the other hand, direct contact with another person’s mouth or nose is more likely.

Sexual wellness

What does this have to do with sex and sex education? Sneezing and coughing can transmit infected droplets, so can kissing, as well. It is therefore possible for a couple to become infected if one of them kisses another infected person.

What about sex acts other than sex? If, for example, a woman infected with the coronavirus performs oral sex on a man who then touches his penis and touches his face, he may very well increase the risk of becoming infected by touching his penis and face.

It is possible that even seemingly innocuous acts relating to sexual health can have negative effects on one’s health. It’s possible that drinking wine from a date’s glass or sharing food on a date could also be a route of transmission.

This includes dating apps like Tinder and Bumble, which should be examined. How many people regularly and thoroughly clean their phone screens? Right swipes with infected fingers may cause problems.

A person who suspects they’ve been infected should get tested immediately and avoid all physical contact with others until their health is known. As a result, it’s critical that people wash or disinfect their hands frequently, as well as screens or other objects they frequently touch.