Soul Hackers 2 ‘Summoners Guide Vol. 2’ video – The Covenants and the Great One, Milady, and Exploration Guide

ATLUS has released the second volume in its series of “Summoners Guide” information videos for Soul Hackers 2.

The official Japanese website was also updated with a “System: Dungeon Exploration” page and a character page for R.S., which features all the new information revealed in today’s Summoners Guide video.

Get the video and full English transcript below.

■ Introduction

Hey there. I’m Ringo of Aion. This program will teach you how to be a Devil Summoner. It’s the Summoner’s Guide Volume 2. I’ve got even more useful info for you today! First, let’s go over the problems that we’re facing right now.

■ Setting: The Covenants and the Great One

Aion has predicted the world of humanity is coming to an end. Five sources of spiritual energy, known as Covenants, are key in all of this. As their name suggests, they represent a “contract”.

The Covenants have a deep history and are said to be the rainbow that bridges a contract between humans and God. When all five Covenants are gathered, it’s believed that the Great One will descend upon the world.

—Milady: “YOU…! A secret organization known as the Phantom Society pulls the strings behind the scenes and wishes to call forth the Great One.”

They are led by someone known as Iron Mask.

—Iron Mask: “Do you understand now? You can’t stop me. You can’t change fate.”

Along with their comrades within their COMPs, Aion’s agents and the Devil Summoners confront Iron Mask to stop the incoming apocalypse. That Iron Mask is one tough opponent… And he has a lot of people working under him too. I need your help. Yes, you, the Devil Summoner in front of the screen.

■ Milady

How’d you like Milady’s video that was released the other day? I’m going to introduce her in a bit more detail today.

Milady the Devil Summoner… She’s a member of the Phantom Society. Milady was the second person I revived to join me. I guess you could say she’s a level-headed realist. She tends to keep her true thoughts close to her chest… Supposedly, it has something to do with her past.

Past experiences, memories… The fact that human personalities are an accumulation of such data is part of what makes them so fascinating… But it’s intriguing how sometimes, their own past can also be what binds them.

Anyways, she sometimes still gets into arguments with Arrow and his righteous ways, but she gets along with everyone pretty well now.

Speaking of those who have a history with Milady… First, let’s talk about Iron Mask. He’s a Devil Summoner of the Phantom Society. He’s the leader of the mysterious Project “C,” and the one who ordered his subordinate to kill Milady. Supposedly, he’s romantically involved with her… But why would someone kill their own lover? So many unanswered questions…

Then there’s this other guy from Phantom Society: R.S. (voiced by Eiji Takeuchi). He’s the Devil Summoner who killed Milady on Iron Mask’s orders. He may seem ridiculous, but he’s actually very powerful. He communicates through freestyle rapping. It’d be an understatement to say he’s a bit out there.

Anyway, I revived Milady and had her join me… I have to say, she’s a fantastic fighter. She fights with sai-type COMPs, has an affinity for fire skills, and her attacks pack a serious punch. She’s very intelligent too. Maybe she’ll even learn how to recover MP while defeating enemies.

That’s all from me. I hope you all find out Milady’s charms for yourself. I think you’ll find her more and more interesting as you get to know her. As leader, I just want everyone to get along, you know?

■ Exploration Guide

Last time, you learned about the basics of combat. Today, we’ll be going over dungeon exploration. This is important stuff, so pay attention, okay?

Red enemy symbols can be found within dungeons. They will hunt you down once they notice your presence, and if caught, you will be thrown into battle with the enemy getting attack priority. Try to slash enemy symbols with Ringo’s sword. Initiating battle by cutting down enemies will put you in an advantageous state.

You can also walk around downed enemy symbols to avoid battles altogether. A bonus attack may trigger when going into combat with an enemy that was knocked down with slashing. Your allies will attack all enemies as the battle starts, tipping the battle in your favor right away.

Upon stepping into a dungeon, Ringo will send her demons out on Demon Recon. You can reunite with the demons sent on recon while exploring the dungeon. You can reunite with the demons sent on recon while exploring the dungeon.

—Hell Biker: “Frickin’ Arrow… Managed to beat me in a test of strength. He’s a tough one.”

They can find items…

—Obtained Medicine.

…or help you in other ways, such as healing.

—Kurama Tengu: “You in a hurry, Ma’am? When you rush like that, it’s easier to slip up. Why don’t you take a rest?”

Try to find and talk to your demonic allies throughout dungeons.

—Scathach: “I admire how capable you are. Here, a reward for you.”

—Scathach: “Consider this an investment in our future.”

While on Demon Recon, allied demons may introduce you to other demons that appear in the dungeon.

—Mothman: “Thanks to my clever conversational skills, demons of all shapes and sizes turn to putty in my hands.”



You can negotiate with demons to enter a contract and recruit them.



Demons can be set into COMPs to grant access to their skills.

—Milady: “I’ll burn ’em to ashes!” –> Agidyne

The COMP user’s stats are also affected, so be sure to adjust them based on what the situation. Keep an eye out for enemy symbols and strike before they do!

—Zhu Tun She: “If that’s how you feel, then there’s no other choice! I’ll join up with you, Miss!”

Work together with allied demons and conquer perilous dungeons! You have to make full use of not only your own abilities, but your demons’ powers too… Your skills as a Devil Summoner will really be put to the test.

■ Conclusion

Doesn’t that sound exciting? We now have an exciting news to share!

  • Soul Hackers 2 Premiere Hands-On Event Date: Saturday, June 4 and Sunday, June 5. Location: In Tokyo, invite only Check out our official website to apply!

Well, that’s it for today’s Summoner’s Guide. Look forward to the next one, okay? See you next time!

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