Step by Step: Take Your Time

I confessed to a mentor a few years ago that I wasn’t sure I wanted to live in British Columbia when I called. It surprised her, and she wanted to know more. The job opportunity in British Columbia looked intriguing, so I mentioned it to her.

Mentors are now people who serve as role models and provide sound advice to those who look up to them. My mentor, Elsie, provided me with exactly this.

She said, “You must first decide if you want to apply for the position. If they don’t, you’ll have to wait for an interview invitation. Decide whether or not you want to participate if they do. Prepare a list of questions, take a tour of the area, and then sit tight and see if you’re offered the position. Consider moving to British Columbia if this is the case.”

Thank you so much! There were a number of small steps that she broke down into a domino pattern, each of which had to fall before the next one could begin.
An adult with a grade seven education, Jethro Bodine from The Beverly Hillbillies was known for simplifying difficult concepts in an amusing fashion. My mentor probably would have advised me to wait until I was in the water before I started swimming.

So, how do you deal with a world that makes you anxious and forces you to make choices?

Stop obsessing over things you can’t change. We’re bombarded with opinions, drama, and crises 24 hours a day on television and the internet. Cut the power!
“What if…” is a sign that you’re thinking about things that haven’t happened yet, so pay attention to what you say to yourself. Don’t get yourself into trouble by worrying about things that “could” but “most likely” won’t” happen.
Engage in positive activities like playing a board game, volunteering, learning a new skill, or going for an afternoon walk. Get into the habit of doing things that will keep your mind occupied with new ideas.
The phrase “this too shall pass” was often uttered by my grandmother and she was usually correct. There are times in life when time is used to solve problems or prevent them from occurring. Think about how many times you thought you had a good idea of how something would turn out only to find out that you were completely wrong about it. It doesn’t follow that what you imagine or plan will come to fruition.
Consider the wise words of my mentor and Jethro before making decisions or worrying about the future.