These 7 Examples Show That They Don’t Even Pretend to Have ETHICS!

Many Americans may have lost faith in our political system, and in particular, in the qualifications, quality and empathy of certain public officials, because of the combination of this pandemic, the ongoing political vitriol, and the fears, evoked by the uncertainties of this upcoming election. Surely, don’t citizens/ constituents have the right and obligation to expect those elected to represent their interests, and those of the nation and the planet’s sustainable needs/priorities in a highly ethical and honourable manner? For the past four years, President Trump and his administration have frequently not even pretended to care about their ethical obligations, personal ethics, or the integrity of their actions! In light of this, we’ll take a mnemonic approach to consider, examine, review, and discuss what this means and represents, as well as why it matters, in this article.

In spite of the lack of a so-called “smoking gun” in terms of whether Russia influenced the 2016 election in order for Trump to be elected, the Mueller Report never exonerated them and the recent Republican-controlled Senate committee declared, definitively, there was defensible collusion, cooperation, or, purposely, looking the other way (because it was convenient and beneficial to them). This President’s approach began with denial, calling it a hoax/political stunt, sour grapes from his political opponents, and trying to severely restrict access to potentially significant documents and testimony, as one would think and hope an innocent person would want to ensure that this never happened again.
When he was running for president, Donald Trump used the slogan “Drain the Swamp” to rally his supporters. On the other hand, a look at the names of his recommended appointees reads more like an organised effort to sabotage anything that he thought would be beneficial. When conflicts of interest are prevalent, ethics are doomed!

Ethical propriety must be considered in light of President Trump’s frequent golf and other trips to his properties.

There is a fine line between, necessary, taxpayer-supported travel and his campaign rallies, but you’re not the only one who feels this way! Prior to the outbreak, it appeared as if he never stopped campaigning, and he didn’t even try to hide it!

We should be concerned when former executives, etc., in certain industries are appointed to monitor those industries as appointees, in charge! His appointees appeared to have the goal of bringing down some of these programmes, rather than appointing people with a vision to protect the people involved in their areas, etc. For example, it appears there is little or no effort to follow ethical proprieties when it comes to his Secretary of Education, his Secretary of Health and Human Services or his attorney general.

We’ve seen a lot of questionable behaviour and blurring of the lines in the past, but never to the extent and extent that we’re seeing now! In a clear ethical crisis, the First Lady addresses the Republican National Convention from the Rose Garden, while the President delivers his acceptance speech from the Oval Office!

Overtly political statements and actions have no place in the office of Secretary of State, as previous Secretaries of State have demonstrated. Many, including Colin Powell, have refused to do so because of the appearance of moral conflicts. On the other hand, current Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who is currently in the Middle East for a business trip, is making a speech at the convention!

Wake up, America! This isn’t normal, and it should never be considered, acceptable! We must demand a return to ETHICS, and clear-cut, ethical standards, for the future!–real-az-900-exam-questions/c/YitLarP7Pj4–real-az-900-exam-questions/c/ERvSpfpjeyE–real-az-900-exam-questions/c/7mRmJI4calQ–real-az-900-exam-questions/c/4mnlXykqUHw–real-az-900-exam-questions/c/IATMwPF31xQ–real-az-900-exam-questions/c/cPIWfuZsHrI–real-az-900-exam-questions/c/WkHW97ihzo4–real-az-900-exam-questions/c/hJMTFNpMYS8–real-az-900-exam-questions/c/agf5DTQmkJE–real-az-900-exam-questions/c/GSfWugPTEHE