When Urethral Stricture Is To Blame For Penis Pain.

There is nothing like the sensation of releasing a forceful stream of pee after a long amount of time of keeping it in. When urinating, the sensation of relief can be scuppered by the pain in the penis that accompanies it. There is no doubt that guys are concerned about their penile health, and they want to know what causes agony like that. A doctor may tell them that they have urethral stricture when discussing their symptoms. But what does that actually imply?

Urinary tract narrowing

The urethra is the tube inside the penis through which urine flows when a man is urinating, as many people are aware. In addition to the urethra, semen also exits the body after normal ejaculation. A stricture is a condition in which an aperture becomes abnormally small. Urethral strictures are common in men, and they are caused by an abnormality in the urethra’s diameter. This may be due to the narrowing, but it could also be due to the reason of the narrowing. In most cases, a urethral stricture is caused by inflammation or scar tissue in the urethra.
A urethral stricture might cause various symptoms in addition to penile pain while urinating. For example, a guy may have some “spraying” while urinating, or there may be less pee emptying than usual (which can result in a mess on and around the toilet or urinal, as well as on his own clothing). One of the side effects of having a hard time emptying one’s bladder is having to urinate more frequently. In addition, a urinary tract infection is more likely to occur when the bladder is obstructed (UTI).


What, then, is the underlying cause of the urethral stricture? Often, doctors don’t know what’s causing the problem, but they can make educated judgments about it.

It is common for scar tissue to form on the penis as a result of some kind of injury. Scar tissue may form in the urethra if the penis is shattered, for example. The penis can also be injured by a strong blow, such as with a baseball. When a man is hospitalised and has to have a urinary catheter inserted, scar tissue is common. While inserting or removing devices, some men who love sounding (the insertion of rods or other objects into the urethra for sexual pleasure) may do so inadvertently (and readily).


Sometimes, urethral stricture is the outcome of medical procedures in the penis, an enlarged prostate or radiation therapy for cancer (STI).

It is possible for a woman to develop urethral strictures, despite the fact that they are more common in men.


Occasionally, the urethral stricture will resolve itself, and no treatment is indicated. The infection or inflammation that caused the narrowing may be treated with antibiotics or other drugs. Dialators can also be used by doctors to expand the urinary tract.

It is possible that in the most severe situations, surgery may be necessary. In this circumstance urine departs the body through an abdomen-created opening. Fortunately, this isn’t the case in the vast majority of circumstances.