Why Is It Surprising That People Who Claim To Be Fighting Hate Also Have Hate In Their Hearts?

It is possible for someone to engage in destructive behaviour because of a variety of emotions. Hate and rage are two such emotions that have the potential to be completely overwhelming.

As a result, one’s ability to think clearly may be hindered when one is experiencing one of these emotions. Consequently, they may end up injuring someone or something else as a result of this.

Another End result

It’s possible, on the other hand, that they’ll feel one of these emotions and end up pushing their own energy downward instead of outward. It’s likely that they won’t hurt anyone else, but it’s also possible that they will hurt themselves as a result.
This could cause them to become depressed and even have stomach issues as a result. In the course of the following months or years, however, they may do something completely out of character.

Right in the Heart

Hence, giving a feeling like this free rein or denying its existence is not the solution. The best course of action is to keep this emotion under control and figure out how to deal with it.

Because they can’t be controlled by it or try to be controlled by it, people here have the freedom to figure out what’s going on. There is a good chance it’s because of something from their past, such as an old wound that needs to be healed and/or the need to say something to someone else and assert their boundaries.

An Example to Follow

Taking responsibility for their own feelings will benefit both themselves and the world at large. Due to the lack of drama in the world and their own self-deprecation, this is the best option for them.

They will be an inspiration to others because of the way they deal with their emotions. For example, if they didn’t do this, and they had a tendency to be controlled by their feelings or to deny their feelings altogether, they would be teaching others an unhealthy way of dealing with feelings.

One of the most important things to keep in mind

Emotional intelligence can lead to the desire to teach others how to live life in the same way that one has a healthy relationship with their own emotions. For example, they may be drawn to those who carry a lot of resentment and try to encourage them to let go of it.

That is, it will come from a place of empathy and service, rather than a desire to shame and blame those who are in this situation. This means that they are likely to possess a level of consciousness that allows them to help others.

In a New Light

Such a person differs greatly from the person who is determined to eradicate hate but comes across as extremely hateful themselves. However, their actions will speak louder than their words.

A lack of self-awareness may result from them focusing so much on other people’s problems they fail to see what’s going on in their own lives. A third party may notice they have a lot of animosity in their hearts, but they won’t even be aware of it themselves.

Their shadows

That which is happening inside of them cannot be acknowledged at this point. As a result, they end up projecting their own insecurities onto others.

They will be able to maintain their delusion that they are not hateful, but that it is the people “out there” who are. It is only by trying to change others that they will change themselves.

A Deficient Strategy

However, because they are unable to acknowledge their own feelings of resentment, trying to change others will have little impact. Without dealing with their own personal issues, they will continue to project hatred onto others and have a strong desire to be around people who are hateful.