Your life will never be the same again once you discover who this person is.

In the past, people wanted to know, and in the present, at least, people need to know.

In Bethlehem, a baby Jesus was born to a virgin. He was and is the Christ, the Messiah, God’s Son.

When he was born, he was known as the Prince of Peace, and he continues to bring peace to both Jews and Gentiles.

His authority as a speaker was astounding, especially given his demeanour and demeanour

The devils were terrified of him, but children sat on his knee and played with him.

To those in need, he was compassionate and loving while also speaking harsh words about sin.

He wouldn’t break a swollen reed, but he used a whip to clean the Temple of defilement.
While initially attracting large crowds of people who brought their sick loved ones to be healed by this man, he also miraculously fed those who had sat for hours in his classroom to hear his teachings; however, as time passed, the crowds thinned out.
He was thought to be insane by his family and friends until they realised who he really was.

He came to do what only God could do on the cross – forgive sin.

In the end, he shed his blood and died.

Even God couldn’t do more. This was God manifested as a human being, yet he was sinless.

With the promise that “I will be with you always,” he rose from the dead and sent out trained, equipped and empowered disciples to carry on his work.

When it comes to God, it’s not about morals, ethics, social philosophy, or even preaching.

Do you recognise this man? Is he someone you’d like to know?

You will never be the same after seeing and learning about Jesus Christ.

Only God, our loving gracious God, is able to assist us in all of our difficulties. Give us the strength and courage to move forward and to grow, mature, and serve in the name of Jesus Christ as we emerge from all the restrictions of lockdown. Amen

In addition to her work as a pastor and chaplain, Sandy Shaw sits on Scotland’s Children’s Panel and the Inverness Prison and Nairn Academy Chaplaincy Teams. During the past few years, he has taught in the United States, Canada, South Africa, Australia, and Israel, as well as recently in Uganda and Kenya. On WSHO radio in New Orleans, he is a regular contributor, and he writes a weekly column for He received his M.A. and B.D. from Edinburgh University, and he continues to run and exercise on a regular basis.